PC Repair Crew provides full hardware and software upgrade service. From a network of independent computer retailers and repair specialists. Computer maintenance.

"Upgrade your hardware and software"

Hardware Upgrades:

Increase your RAMWe can upgrade your computer to provide you with benefits such as increased speed or more storage space for pictures and music. For example, you may need more memory (RAM) to run more powerful software or the latest games. Additional components can also be added inside the machine. A wireless network card (WiFi) or Bluetooth adaptor could allow you to connect to a home media center or mobile phone without the need for extra wires.

Don't forget your external devices and equipment. Enjoy the benefits of a bigger monitor or a wireless mouse and keyboard. We make sure all the necessary software is installed on your computer and the new equipment is configured to work with the rest of your system.

You may not know exactly what you need to achieve your goals - don't worry! Contact Us and we can generate a profile of your system and suggest a range of options that allow you to do more with your existing equipment.

Software Upgrades:

Up-grade to Windows VistaIt is possible to upgrade your system from Windows XP to Windows Vista. Due to the higher specification of Vista, such as the need for more memory, we may not be able to achieve this without also upgrading your hardware. Please contact us and we can profile your current system and advise you on the most appropriate solution.

Manufacturers constantly improve and add new features to their software, releasing new versions when appropriate. For example, Microsoft have recently released a major update of their popular Office suit - now Office2007.

You may wish to gain access to the latest features incorporated into the new version or simply to be able to read files created on another computer using the latest version. We can up-grade your current software to the latest version and make sure that all your old files are still accessible.

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