Microbitz Computers - Local PC, Laptop, Printer Repair Services Somerset and Avon

"Local PC, Laptop, Printer Repair Services Somerset and Avon."

Microbitz Computers- Local PC, Laptop, Printer Repair Services Somerset and Avon Established in 1994 and with coverage over a wide area of Somerset and Avon, Microbitz Computers are ideally placed to take care of all your I.T. needs. Our dedicated workshops are staffed by skilled technicians, who are well equipped to deal with most hardware and software problems and we also provide on-site visits if you don't want to bring your equipment in to us.

We are Netgear Powershift partners and we have trained technicians who can resolve most wireless network and broadband issues for you with minimum fuss and downtime. So whether you require a full network installation, a flexible maintenance plan or a new laptop just give us a call for friendly help and advice - our site assesment visits for businesses are free of charge!

Microbitz Computers. Contact: Steve Smith. Telephone: 01749 678997. Areas Covered: Somerset and Avon.

Hardware Repairs:

Hardware RepairsOur system diagnostics can isolate problems with hardware on desktop and laptop computers. In addition, we can trouble shoot intermittent problems such as a failing hard disc and help prevent a complete system failure.

We also service and repair of a full range of computer peripherals such as printers, scanners and monitors. After our technicians have isolated the problem we will talk with you about the projected cost of the repair and make sure you receive the most cost-effective solution.

Software Repairs:

Windows and Software RepairsWe can perform a full Windows system repair and solve a variety of driver issues. In some cases we may need to completely re-install the Windows operating system along with all available service packs and a full Windows up-date. If this is the case, we will advise you on options for data transfer and back-up and re-installation of third party software.

Virus removal

Virus and Spyware ScanUnfortunately, malware and viruses are extremely common and consequently it is easy to become infected - you don't have to surf the web 24 hours a day!

E-mail and E-mail attachments are the most common route of infection - even an E-mail that may have come from family or friends, their computer is probably infected with malware too.

We use a range of anti-virus software to scan your computer and identify threats. We can also prevent viruses and spam so please contact us and we can tell you which service is the most suitable for your requirements.

Hardware and Software Upgrades:

Increase your RAMWe can upgrade your computer to provide you with benefits such as increased speed or more storage space for pictures and music. For example, you may need more memory (RAM) to run more powerful software or the latest games. Additional components can also be added inside the machine. A wireless network card (WiFi) or Bluetooth adaptor could allow you to connect to a home media center or mobile phone without the need for extra wires.

You may wish to gain access to the latest features incorporated into the new version or simply to be able to read files created on another computer using the latest version. We can up-grade your current software to the latest version and make sure that all your old files are still accessible.

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