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Smart Ways to Counter Distractions When Working at Home

Oct 23, 2015    //   

If you run a business or do freelance work from home, you’ve probably experienced how to difficult it is to retain your focus and ignore the many distractions around. Your television set reminds you of your favourite series, your dog wants to play with you, your bed looks so comfy, your fridge suggests you eat, and the list can go on. These things can stop you from getting any work done. To counter these, here are tips on how to increase your productivity.

Get the right ISP

When you telecommute frequently, you need to have the right internet service provider (ISP). When your connection works at an excellent speed, you’ll get your work done easily and quickly. You don’t have to worry about waiting for minutes or even hours in order to send an email or share a file. Neither would you have to be plagued by poor connection during video calls. Just be sure to look for companies that provide quality products. You can get Spintel phone and broadband bundles, for example. They have affordable prices and running services.

Make to-do lists

Don’t just list down TV series premieres and schedules, lunch dates, and the number of times you visualised your crush smiling at you. Keep track of the tasks you need to finish as well. Allot a specific time for when you should start and finish each, including their deadlines and level of importance. Having to-do lists can help you manage your priorities and time. If a certain show starts at seven in the evening, then aim to finish a certain task before then. This will encourage you to divide and make use of your time wisely.

Have a trusty computer

Get an excellent computer. When you’re caught up talking to your friend on the phone for hours, you might have to multitask the moment you get your hands back to your work. Investing in a trusty unit can totally save you the time you wasted and lost. Just make sure to have your computer regularly checked by experts so you can continuously make use of it. Investing in professional repair services is the same as getting Spintel phone and broadband bundles for your smartphone. What you get in return in the long run will always be worth the trouble.

You can’t really stop yourself from getting distracted and tempted by the things around you. Instead of avoiding them at all costs, you should just deal with them. Feel free to take note of these tips.

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