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5 Things That Can Seriously Damage Your Gadgets Aside from Virus

Jan 15, 2014    //   

Virus, malware, spyware, and trojans are just a few of the major threats that can destroy and steal your data and render your PC and other electronic gadgets unusable. But the thing with them is that they can be easily eliminated through the help of anti-virus software and with the aid of computer specialist like PC Repair Crew.

Now, here’s another set of threats that can destroy your computer, laptop, and smart phone for good if you’re not too careful with your gadget and when the problem is not given proper attention right away:

1. Wet or Moisture

Products like LifeProof for iPhone 5 created for water protection are important because water is one of your gadgets’ worst enemies. Even in small amounts, it can damage the every component of your device. When water exposure happens, have your gadget’s individual components diagnosed right away. For instance, instead of writing off your computer or your iPhone as a total loss, have each component checked to determine the extent of the damage and know which parts need to be removed and replaced.

2. Fall accidents

Dropping your iPhone 5 or iPadmini without the LifeProof or allowing your laptop to accidentally slip from your hands can be the most expensive mistake you will ever make. Even when manufacturers and dealers offer warranty, dropped equipment is not generally covered in standard coverage plans. So what should you do in the event of a fall accident? First, check your device of any internal damage. Give it a gentle shake and listen for loose parts. Next, boot your gadget and run through a few common tasks to see if its performance has declined at all. Last, have your smart phone or PC checked by the experts when problems occur.

3. Over heating

Most electronic devices, especially computers, are created with ventilation and heat dispersion in mind so that overheating, which can fry the most sensitive components, will be avoided. Symptoms like abrupt shut downs, freezes and blue screens are few signs that your PC ventilation system needs checking. Dust clog, fan failure, vent blockage and over usage are the usual culprits. Have your computer regularly checked and cleaned to avoid any of these. Here are few tips from HP on how you can reduce heat inside your PC.

4. Power surge

Power surge is a common problem among desktops connected directly to the mains. Although most PCs survive it unscathed, continuous exposure to spike of voltage can damage the computer’s power supply unit in the end. Prevent power surge damage to your PC by having a free-standing uninterruptible power supply.

5. Dust

Computers and other electronic gadgets are magnets to dust, which when allowed to accumulate deep enough can block fan vents, cause overheating, corrode parts and - when mixed with condensation - can create a conductive sludge. Prevent any of these by having your PC cleaned regularly.

Prevention is better than cure, so keep your device safe against the above-mentioned problems.

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