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Never worry about your computer repairs again. We welcome you to PC Repair Crew, your computer repairs specialist and solutions provider. Having been in business since 2008, our network of fully qualified engineers is capable of providing comprehensive IT services for home users and businesses alike.

We specialize in virus and spyware removal as well as data transfer and recovery. We also offer personal computer or laptop health checks to ensure that your unit is performing at its optimum efficiency.

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Smart Ways to Counter Distractions When Working at Home

Oct 23, 2015    //   

If you run a business or do freelance work from home, you’ve probably experienced how to difficult it is to retain your focus and ignore the many distractions around. Your television set reminds you of your favourite series, your dog wants to play with you, your bed looks so comfy... Read more

5 Things That Can Seriously Damage Your Gadgets Aside from Virus

Jan 15, 2014    //   

Virus, malware, spyware, and trojans are just a few of the major threats that can destroy and steal your data and render your PC and other electronic gadgets unusable. But the thing with them is that they can be easily eliminated through the help of anti-virus software and with the... Read more

How to Locate an Experienced IT Service in Your Area

Nov 29, 2013    //   

Finding a reputable computer shop has never been easier, thanks to some of the many high quality repair and service centres now operating in most towns and cities in the UK. Many can even be found online, offering a number of services from virus removal to colour printer repairs... Read more

IT Support: A Key Component of Every Successful Business

Nov 12, 2013    //   

Because of all the advancements in technology these days, majority of businesses conduct their operations through the help of modern gadgets and computer software. These innovations are what drive the market to a whole new level, spurring competition amongst similar enterprises... Read more

3 Good Reasons You Should Outsource Your IT Support

Aug 16, 2013    //   

With a struggling economy, many small businesses today have developed an increased reliance on technology to get ahead of the fierce competition. However, it can be risky to rely on technology since it has a way of breaking when you need it the most. In addition, small businesses often lack... Read more

Spending Wisely on Your Computer

Aug 16, 2013    //   

Many people rush to buy expensive computers and accessories with all the bells and whistles then later on regret their action after realising that there are cheaper options that came with the same features. Avoid this from happening to you and ensure that you get the best value from your... Read more

Problems that Require PC Repair Services

May 23, 2013    //   

Computers have become an indispensable tool in millions of households around the world. These computers have provided the human race with a powerful tool that can perform numerous tasks all at one time - email, chat, business solutions, games, music, videos, etc. However, there are elements that can damage your... Read more

Getting Professional Help with PC Repairs

May 23, 2013    //   

Electronic devices have really become part of our daily lives. Wherever we go, there is always a need to facilitate our tasks, and owning certain appliances that can handle a variety of functions makes the accomplishment of these jobs easier. Portable gadgets, for instance, like laptop computers are just one... Read more

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